Sitting on the fence

Version 2

I promise there is no mention of “The referendum” in this post. Except just now.

So. Since my last blog post, Tim Peake has spent 6 months orbiting the Earth and come home again. I don’t think a new blog post is quite in the same league but it’s a step in the right direction.
In March I attended the TAD (Talking about diabetes) seminar in London and actually met (face to face and everything) some of the people I’ve had the pleasure to tweet with for some time. The speakers, and their talks, were incredibly moving and inspiring. It was my first proper experience of being amongst fellow PWD, which was both surreal, unnerving and liberating. I still felt self-conscious testing while we were sat in the lecture hall. I could have done with an entire week to get to know everyone properly. An hour or two in between talks wasn’t anywhere near enough, although I did join Anniecoops afterwards in a bar (in St ‘Pancreas’ station!). I think I’d like to do it again sometime soon. A meetup that is, not drinking with Anne. Although…

The trigger for this post was my pump clinic appointment on Wednesday (15th June). I hadn’t basal tested for ages and was too busy to manage any before going. I expected a telling off. I was, as usual, panicking for no reason. My DSN sees me as someone who has lived with diabetes long enough to be sensible, even if I don’t obey all the rules. She has an optimistic outlook. My most recent HbA1c was 6.7 in old money, so I’m not doing too badly. We (she) decided I’d go and donate some more vials of blood while I was there. So I’ll get a more up to date figure in a week or two.

One subject that came up in the conversation was Accu Chek Insight cannulas. Apparently, the local rep has said that Accu chek has changed its policy regarding set changes. The tubing needs to be replaced along with the cannula every 2 to 3 days, instead of every 4 to 6, as at present. I can’t remember the exact reason but it simplifies things a bit. I’m forever trying to remember whether I need to change just the cannula or the full set. I also confessed that I sometimes (often) go to 4 days before getting round to changing. She wasn’t impressed and stressed the importance of prompt changes. Like the cannulas, I’ll try to change the habit.

The surprising news, that has given me a bit of a dilemma, was when I discussed CGM and the Libre. They have been given a number of Libre handsets with a single sensor included. She’s offered me one but on condition that, if I don’t/can’t continue to buy sensors I need to give the handset back.
My concern is getting the most out of just one sensor. I can’t justify buying them at the moment so would want to make that fortnight count. My lifestyle is such that I can eat the same things 3 days running but be doing completely different amounts of exercise on each. That means I’d struggle to differentiate the effect of the food/insulin from exercise. So until I can see a way of doing this, I’ll have to think on it.

In general, I’m getting on ok with the insight, despite my constant hatred of the handset. It’s been thrown away in disgust a few times, usually when an E57 error announces intself just as I’m about to sit and eat, after spending ages preparing a nice meal. I don’t like it, I’ll never like it and I’d love to be stuck in a lift with the person who decided it was fit for purpose. I’m also on my third belt clip. They’re extremely flimsy and tend to get caught as I’m getting in and out of the car. I refuse to buy an improved version.
I’ve also been extending my multi waves a bit more. I used to stick with 1hr30mins to 2hr30mins but have recently been stretching to 3hrs+. For Chinese I go to 5hrs. It seems to make a positive difference. I eat a fair amount of carbs, don’t worry too much about low fat and my portions are large. No idle boast. This means I probably don’t digest meals too quickly. Extending seems to have avoided most of the 2 hour hypos and 4 hour spikes.
I’d be interested to hear any advice or comments, good or bad. I realise I don’t do things the same as most and have some old-fashioned, probably bad, habits. Feel free to ridicule and rebuke me.

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2 Responses to Sitting on the fence

  1. diasend says:

    Hi Rob – have you made any progress with the Diasend issue yet. I have just had my insight replaced (just the pump) as it was becoming increasingly noisy, sounded like a flock of geese as the bolus fed in. After setting the pump up with the handset, I thought i would have a go at using Diasend but the uploader does not detect the meter. I have googled and your blog pops up and nothing else that is of use. Thanks Ceri


    • robster65 says:

      Hi Ceri. Thanks for reading and commenting. As far as I know the Insight isn’t supported by Diasend. I’ve not actually tried it myself but I (think I) was told on Twitter that they hope to add it ‘soon’. I know a lot of people who swear by Diasend but I suspect it may be a while before we can join in. The 360 software from accu-chek is appalling by modern standards and I’m yet to contact them for a windows 10 update.


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